Manufacture and Representation of Equipment for Emergency Care

Within the portfolio of products and services of VARICHEM DE COLOMBIA are products related to "ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS", which have been designed with the foundation of being a tool for the protection of species and ecosystems.

Containment Barriers – Fence Type

Mechanical containment barriers designed for heavy work, are equipment specially manufactured to withstand medium and high water currents.

Designed to fulfill the function of containing hydrocarbon spills and other types of contaminants on the surface of bodies of water.

Containment barriers – Curtain Type

Light and quickly deployed booms, effective to contain spills of hydrocarbons or other contaminants on the surface of the water.

Made of PVC Geomembrane.

Reinforced in high tenacity polyester fabric. Mechanical properties for optimal performance. Resistant and highly durable.

Hi Sprint Rapid Deployment Barrier – Vikoma

Single point inflation rapid deployment booms with internal flotation compartments.
For surge operations, its performance is optimal due to its low pressure.

Hydrocarbon Skimmers

Disc, brush, drum, weir, vacuum and feed unit type.

Industrial Hydrocarbon Skimmers

Disc type for classified areas and corrosive environments; made of stainless steel.

Temporary Storage Tanks

Temporary Storage Tanks (TST) designed to support a quick and agile response in cases that require temporary storage of different liquids, including hydrocarbons and their derivatives.

Check dams

They are made of PVC material resistant to hydrocarbons and ultraviolet light and their metal structure is made of galvanized iron resistant to mechanical stress; they are safe, portable and easy to assemble and are available in the capacities required by the client.

Motor pumps

Positive displacement, centrifugal and lobe motor pumps.

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    Serie S – Solids handling

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    Serie D – Sewer system

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    Serie H – Great height

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    Serie HS – Submersible hydraulics

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    Serie C – Knife type

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    Serie PD – Positive displacement

Early Warning Systems

Sensor for the detection of hydrocarbons and/or chemicals.
Optical Sensor (non-contact)
Detects shine and oil stains on water in sensitive places.

Absorbent, oleophilic and chemical products

Fire Fighting Products