Fire Fighting Equipment and Products

Fire Attack System

Portable firefighting equipment with foam-producing capability recommended for oil well drilling processes.

  • Ultimately designed for light transport vehicles.
  • Short preparation time required for fire attack.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Lowest volume of water use.
  • The optimum pressure for maximum efficiency.
  • Optimum water droplet size.
  • Lowest attained extinction times.
  • Less water damage.
  • High quality are based on the aluminium frame.
  • The highest specification engine and pump.
  • The lowest unit – the kilo to litre ratio.
  • Foam delivery options.
  • Hoses with extension options.

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Specialised Vehicles

  • We are represented internationally by Jacinto, a leading Portuguese company in the European market.
  • Supply of fire fighting vehicles.
  • Supply of fire fighting vehicles for airport.
  • Fire-fighting equipment.


Varichem de Colombia has the international representation of 3F, which presents Smart Foam®, the Green Foam without fluorine and without solvents, totally respectful with the environment and without toxicity for the human being.

This new technology examines all components used in fire extinguishing products and assesses the impact of each chemical on the environment.