Petroleum engineering services


Nanoparticle solutions used as additives that maximise hydrocarbon production rates through high-efficiency interventions.

Success happens – recover more and spend less with nanoActiv® reservoir chemistry

nanoActiv® solutions are highly efficient additives and intervention methods that maximise hydrocarbon production rates. nanoActiv® solutions go further, working faster and being effective for longer, enabling higher volume hydrocarbon recovery.


  • Portable, easy-to-use solution with the capacity to treat contaminated water in large volumes.
  • The multiphase reactor is an advanced oxidation process that generates a set of highly reactive oxidising radicals from the wastewater stream without additional precursor chemicals and oxidants.
  • Dissolved solids, such as metal ions, are reduced to an oxidised state, where the metal ion binds to oxygen and renders it insoluble. The insoluble material forms a solid precipitate which is removed by conventional filtration. Chlorides that were previously ionically bound to the metal ions form chlorine dioxide and free chlorine.
  • Biosolids suspended in the wastewater stream undergo substantial particle size reduction by lysis of cellular matter and then subsequent oxidation of the reduced particles. This process is capable of achieving complete sterilisation of the water by this process. This will result in accelerated bioreactivity of the solids entering the digester, decreasing the digestion time.


A new chemical technology that increases production and eliminates downhole paraffin problems Technology developed by : Varichem International Inc.