School of Comprehensive Risk Management

Varichem of Colombia has been offering training and training with high standards for oil spill response for about 17 years based on the training proposed by the IMO, through its OPRC/1990 agreement (International Convention Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation). ), with international IMO certification and the Nautical Institute.

United Kingdom which grants international recognition of training, complying with the current IMO regulations for associated countries.

In the development of our international-level processes, we worked towards recognition by the DIMAR as a maritime training center, which was granted on December 20, 2020, strengthening and strengthening the quality of our processes, making it available to our clients. training that allows double certification in courses such as:

  • IMO 4.02 Cooperation Agreement Level 1 – First Responder (OPRC Level 1 – First Responder)
  • IMO 4.03 Cooperation Agreement Level 2 – Supervisor/On-Scene Commander (OPRC Level 2 – Supervisor/On-Scene Commander)
  • IMO 4.04 Cooperation Agreement Level 3 – Administrators and Senior Managers (OPRC Level 3 – Administrators and Senior Managers)
  • The VARICHEM DE COLOMBIA INTEGRAL RISK MANAGEMENT SCHOOL is consolidated as a high-quality training center with national and international standards that allows its graduates international recognition of the courses taken under the tutelage of VARICHEM DE COLOMBIA who counts, not only with 27 years of work in the hydrocarbon sector, but with all the experience that has been acquired during this time in risk management and response to emergencies, caused by natural or technological factors, as well as the distribution of equipment and supplies for the care and protection of sensitive areas and/or affected by environmental emergencies.
  • All this combined with the recognition of DIMAR as a training center that will allow all its graduates to have solid support in training and training processes, from the hand of experienced instructors in emergency situations with a preventive approach and with great human quality, to guide our participants in the scope of the competencies proposed in each of our accredited courses.
  • For more information about our courses, contact us:
  • Newsletter by felipe sanchez – Training Director – Varichem de Colombia.
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